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GoUF conceives research as participatory research, action research and academic research .And intends to concentrate on participatory research and feed action research as well as academic research to package knowledge for wider consumption.

Participatory Research

Participatory Village Survey
The motto is “ the village is a holy book; we read it every day”. GoUF started with dream of statistical village society. GoUF did not know in 1988 how to involve the group members in the research process. We started by learning by doing. Collective experience taught us how to do it. GoUF tools combined with Professor Robert Chamber tools especially in the areas of using seeds/seedlings rather pen and papers brought more recreational elements in the village resource survey. However, we gave more emphasis on analysis by the villagers/the group members so that their planning and decision making skill grow in the process. While many PRA practitioners are busy in making/drawing more pictures we are busy in continuing the practice and be in the process and applying the tools in RLF, civic education, health etc.

PVH [Participatory Village History in Generating Collective Vision for Change]
The earlier phase of GoUF is participatory village survey that make the villagers in general and the group members in particular aware about the existing resource package in the village. Knowing the present in a systematic way builds a demand to know what happened earlier. What led to present situation? We respond to this by initiating a search of three generation- grand father, father and himself situation – covering a period of 50 years of the village in terms of population, change viz. a viz. resource dynamics. This history has been collected through small NGOs to replicate he method to other parts of Bangladesh and by GoUF.

Issue Based Participatory Researches
At present agriculture, livelihood, health, education, legal aid etc are the major priorities.
Health – Survey of all the patients / diseases in all the 17 villages, inviting the patients to participate in knowledge process on health and disease, seeing doctors arranged by GoUF, Help Line, Email etc.
Agriculture- Inviting farmers to talk to the agriculture scientists o seed, fertilizer, soil test, land records etc. Making good use of helpline, email facilities to communicate with specialist institutes, specialists etc.
Legal Aid – Survey of all the dispute issues, inviting the parties of the disputes specially the victims to participate in a workshop and talk to lawyers, initiate knowledge process on relevant laws and policies, facilitate settling disputes without going to the court etc.

Making Strategic Use of Participatory Village Research in Achieving a Vertical Synergy
Such participatory research focusing participatory village survey and participatory village history so far covered fifty villages. GoUF eyes to spread into 100 villages in order to make it representative of Bangladesh covering all the regions and making good use of those to prepare policy briefs for the future MPs in addition to making strategic use of village planning.

Role Employment
Handicraft: Rural MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprise)

We have been able to create employment for a few hundred women in Jessore and Borguna with market outlets in Jessore and Dhaka. GoUF sees stitch work as mobilization tool As they are mobilized for stitch work the other interventions particularly agriculture, health, education etc become easier.

Installation of a micro spinning is very much in active thinking process eying a breakthrough in the sector.



E-Module Launching program in Jessore by GOUF on 28 February 2010




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