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GoUF envisages a knowledge based fertile society in Bangladesh. GonoGobeshona / Participatory Research pursues exploring people’s power in the change process. GoUF would love to see development as a process of empowerment. GG dreams a society in Bangladesh to experience a process where the commoners are the heroes of change. This is people’s century. People are to think, act and create new history and reverting the ongoing history of a single hero/ king/academic asking them to do, advising or giving ideas. Such exploration will lead to blossoming hundred ways of participatory development. Amid massive failure in our recent history to facilitate values and institutionalize democracy, GoUF believes, people’s participation and empowerment at the grassroots will create a solid foundation for village democracy as a basic stepping stone for blossoming subsequent democracy at the national level.

Such a process will be slow but steady process to pave the sustainable way of democracy in the long run. Effective interaction between conscientized citizens and responsive duty bearers in the state agencies and in the market forces and the society at large. Such quality interactions will bring change inevitably. Majority poor will feel empowered through a process of blending their own internal experiential learning with external information in generating new knowledge for change. ICT will be playing an increased role in such change process as value addition to ongoing GonoGobeshana/ participatory people’s research. However, such participatory research may prove luxury without fixing in their life and livelihood of the commoners.

Participatory village survey [PVS], Participatory village history [PVH] and ICTs are the major tools in blending experiential learning and information in the process of generating organic knowledge. Such organic knowledge is seminal and able to transform society weaved in equity and productivity. Process is slow but sustaining with community ownership over the process and content. As we are moving into a different society in Bangladesh compared to earlier decades knowledge have to be its driving force and deeply related to the very survival of the economy in the context of emerging threat and opportunities in the global context of financial meltdown.

E-Module Launching program in Jessore by GOUF on 28 February 2010

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